You must focus on Top 8 keywords Data Science in 2021

Data Science

Before Start... What is Data Science?

"Data Science is a process, not an event. It is a process of using data to understand different things to understand the world."
"When you have a model or hypothesis of a problem, and you try to validate that hypothesis or model with your data."
"Data science is the art of uncovering the insights and trends that are hiding behind data."
"It's when you translate data into a story. So use storytelling to generate insight. And with these insights, you can make strategic choices for a company or an institution."

Now You must focus on the Top 8 keywords for Data Science in 2021

2020 was the year of COVID-19 that accelerated the revolution of digital technologies against infectious disease. And now it is time to start generalization digital transformation for the world in 2021.

1. Corporate executives will begin to trust AI.

More executives of companies will trust AI in 2021. With increased visibility into the results derived from AI, executives will be more likely to trust the decisions made by AI models as they become easier to understand why AI produces these results. If each step in the decision-making process adds a person's management supervision procedures and allows them to explain the AI model, executives will begin to accept AI and automated decision-making.

2. Cloud will restructure the data analysis environment.

Initially, the cloud exists for transactional systems, not for data analytics. However, as the need for real-time data analysis increases, it seems that companies will actively utilize the cloud for analysis. Real-time data analysis requires more memory than traditional applications and requires a faster network with access to data that does not exist in memory.

3. 2021 will be the year of the vaccine.

2020 was the year of Covid-19, 2021 will be the year of the vaccine. Vaccines have already been approved in some countries and have begun available vaccinations, and the world is making efforts to secure and transport vaccines. Data analytics play an essential role in the vaccine development process and approval phase and develop a launch plan and track the distribution and side effects.

4. A pharmaceutical company that prioritizes patients will save more lives.

The process of developing new drugs that utilize large amounts of data continues to improve through advanced analysis. For example, advances in data analysis allow clinical trials to experiment with multiple drugs at once, rather than just one drug at a time. Also, it is becoming easier to develop targeted treatments based on individual genetic characteristics. As a result, each phase of the clinical trial can be faster and provide patients with the opportunity to find newer, more effective treatments.

5. Consumers will take the initiative through online activities.

In addition to e-commerce and digital banking, various activities in daily life, such as telecommuting, online lectures, religious activities, sports, and concerts, are being converted online. Businesses are also expanding their online businesses as consumers increase their online activities. It means improved supply chain efficiency, online customer service, easy scheduling and can be managed and optimized through data analysis. It allows companies to gain more data and increase understanding of customers interested in products and services.

6. The data native generation will enter the labor market.

From eating and sleeping to working and exercising, the digital native generation, which has used data routinely since birth, began to have jobs. Digital Native is a generation of people who have grown up in a digital environment where the Internet, PCs, and mobile devices are standard, and they are free to use digital devices and technologies. The digital native generation, born with the ability to track and understand data, will have data interpretation, data literacy, and be familiar with it, contributing to increasing the enterprise's level of analysis and innovation.

7. Traditional thinking firms have new opportunities to transform through data analytics.

Governments or companies in each country with traditional organizational culture meet the needs of their people and customers in a new way through data analysis. Governments respond to Covid-19 based on data, which is changing their perception of their ability to respond to infectious diseases. Commercial banks are also creating new investment opportunities through automated decision-making.

8. Intelligent small and medium-sized cities will catch up with big cities.

Small and medium-sized cities are catching up with large cities using data analysis. Now that it is no longer important where they work, small and medium-sized towns will have the opportunity to use data analytics to attract people to migrate, eventually leading to a population influx that has not been achievable in the past.
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